Saturday, March 5, 2011

Latte, Five Senses, Broadsheet, MFWF

Day two: Five Senses are at the helm. According to their business card, they're based in Taunton Drive. I'm hoping that street is named after the creatures that Luke and Han ride around on in Empire when they're on Hoth. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you probably won't appreciate the caption of the following photo.

"And I thought they smelled good on the outside!"
Having not had any coffee yet, somehow the aroma had at least three senses tingling, which may or may not include the sense that sees dead people, and spidey-sense. It's not too crowded yet, but I'm sure that will change over the next few hours. They don't seem to be having much trouble taking all the orders, but what will get interesting is if that queue snakes all the way out the door. Given the width of the room, and the amount of floor space taken up by chairs and tables, I'm just wondering where you're supposed to stand after you've ordered. If you lean against the wall, you're part of the queue again. That came with a reward though: I heard somebody order a 3/4 flat white. Now that's getting specific. But probably a good idea if you don't want too much* milk, and you don't want too much of that milk to be foam.
Five senses, one cup.
Delicious, but I can't remember how the taste differs from yesterday's latte. Hence the phrase "Take a photo, it'll last longer." They went a little over the "fill to here for 8oz" line, but not so far that the lid was going to squash all their good work. It's probably getting close to a 9/8 latte.

* Of course, it should be assumed that nobody wants too much milk. That's why they call it "too much". And I really should credit Stephen Fry for that joke.

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