Monday, March 7, 2011

Flat White, Market Lane, Broadsheet, MFWF

Day four: Market Lane. It might only be for today, but I'm pretty glad I don't have to go all the way to Prahran for Market Lane. I think I've only been there once, mainly because I live nowhere near Prahran and also try to avoid going there at all costs. Nothing personal, Prahran, but you've changed. I remember Novak saying, about five years ago, "It seems like everything I like around here is closing down and becoming a shoe shop. How many shoes can people possibly need?" So it was a boon to have Market Lane in the city today, though I kind of missed their giant tray of sugar. I don't have sugar in my coffee, but it's still impressive.

It would have been weird to ask the girl next to me to move her book out of my photo.
Cups! Did they bring them in, or will these cups be here for the rest of the week? Again, this is a question more easily answered if I had, in fact, asked it of someone while I was there. I was trying to go for a latte every time I came in, for both comparison's and consistency's sakes, but once I saw the real cups on top of the machine I figured it was easier to order a flat white than ask for a latte in a cup. For a lot of people, a latte in a cup is a flat white. But Market Lane clearly know the difference. They also know the difference between a latte and a 3/4 latte, and call the latter a magic. I'd be happy to make that my regular for the rest of MFWF, but that's not how it works. Tomorrow, The Premises will be in charge and they'll probably think I'm a halfwit if I walk in and order a "magic".

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