Sunday, March 6, 2011

Espresso, Dead Man Espresso, Broadsheet, MFWF

Day three: Dead Man Espresso. And, wouldn't you know it, only two days after I (half-heartedly) pledged (in blog form – not to be trusted at the best of times, least of all from me) to visit Broadsheet every day, I didn't make it in! I'll have to definitely be there for Dead Man's second and final gig next weekend. Luckily, Luke (who will almost definitely be there every day) was there today and sent me a photo of what went down.

"Deadman, Broadsheet, Etc"
Portrait! I never thought of that. Also, it looks like there is a demitasse available. Good thing: an espresso just isn't the same from a paper cup, no matter how sustainable its production is. Did Dead Man painstakingly bring the cups in for the occasion, or have they been there all along but I never noticed because I never ordered an espresso? I guess I'll find out tomorrow. And what did I find out today? That the only way to know for sure that somebody wearing a plaid shirt is not a hipster, is if they are also riding a horse. Which brings me to Luke's second photo:
"I tried to get the shirt in."


  1. hi ryan i have been hunting for awesome coffee cups, any suggestions? these look pretty nice in the pics and i love those from proud mary, (no idea the brand or where they got them though?!?!)


  2. Actually I get the feeling that Proud Mary sell the blue ones in their shop, it might be worth a look.