Friday, August 27, 2010

Piccolo, Coffee Club, Coolangatta

McDonald's, Gloria Jean's, and finally a Coffee Club. See what I mean about there being a lot of chains around here? The lesser of those three evils, somehow, was Coffee Club. The place always gives me a feeling that I'm going to get something that's too weak with too much milk, so I figured the best defence against that is ordering a piccolo.

It was pretty good, in the scheme of things – the scheme of things being McDonald's and Gloria Jean's. You have chosen wisely. It seemed to take about fifteen minutes to come out though. If you do plan to "meet someone at the Coffee Club" as their slogan suggests, I recommend getting there twenty minutes early. Maybe my plan for a hire car company for impatient people (Just Give Me the Fucking Keys! Pty Ltd) could do with a coffee bar too. Name suggestions are welcome.

P.S. The photo doesn't make it out very well, but yes that really does say Australian wine at it's peak on the Wolf Blass branded water bottle. Yeesh. Their website shows that they have since fixed up the apostrophe problem, but I wonder how many of those bottles got printed before somebody noticed?


  1. Hi Ryan on Coffee,
    My name is Duncan I am the owner manager of Gloria Jean’s in Coolangatta. I was just wondering if you came and tried one of our Piccolo lattes.
    It's interesting you describe us as an evil. We like many other coffee houses devote all our time to our coffee. It is our passion. We don’t make burgers or use cheap beans and home brand milk. We fully staff and tailor make each coffee; we train to make coffee not to just heat milk. We don't imitate other brands. We don’t spend millions, raised by our margins to spend on advertising. We don't sell wine, fries and steaks or prefer an average check of $30.00 than $5.00. We don't over charge.
    We concentrate on our coffee. Most of our coffee houses are owned and operated by mum and dad investors that love coffee.
    I find it interesting you can go to 10000 independents and might be drinking exactly the same coffee, but they are still regarded as independent and have a higher credibility. Well certainly they can be highly commended for their atmosphere there real point of difference.
    Gloria Jean's buys blends and roasts its own high quality beans. You can only get a Gloria Jean's Coffee at Gloria Jean's. If you are ever in the area again please come in and I’ll shout you a piccolo!

  2. Hi Duncan,
    Based on past experience with coffee from Gloria Jean's, I wouldn't risk it again. It may seem unfair to assume the coffee will be the same at all Gloria Jean's outlets, but that's what happens when you're part of a chain. When I see your store in Coolangatta, I can't help but think of that tepid bitter depressing long black I had from GJ's in Hobart five years ago. It may be a different story at your particular store, but I'll never know. That's just what branding does.
    I'm not just one of those inner-city chain-hating hipsters either. Take a look around my blog, there's plenty of coffee there from chains.
    I think you're the only person googling "gloria jeans coolangatta", so I wouldn't worry about my blog post losing you customers any more than I would expect your comment to gain you any.

  3. i have been to gloria jeans cooly and many others as my girlfriend needs caffine and sugar quite often. the sound alone scares me off, milk being butchered, 'baristas' not caring. its terrible. i am a barista and i know how EASY it can be to make good coffee. my advice.. avoid all gloria jeans, it just feeds the falesity that what they serve is actually coffee. more like a burnt brown beverage!