Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flat White, Lot Six, University of Melbourne

Coffee photos with an iPhone invariably look shithouse because of the way the light reflects off the milk. To rectify this, I'm just going to try it from a different angle.

A pear and chocolate danish too. Nice. On top it's easy to distinguish the pear from the chocolate, but as you delve deeper into the danish, the borders become a little less clear.


  1. I actually like the pics you can take with the iPhone - as long as you've got decent light, they turn out alright.

    Pear & choc danish sounds wicked - wonder if this place is open on weekends??

  2. I'm having trouble finding that out online, but they are very closely associated with Tsubu, which is next door (and worth checking out too):
    They are open Monday to Friday - just as I thought.. not many students around on the weekend!