Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stovetop, Steve's house

There are quite a few posts missing from this week, but most of them looked a lot like this:

One cup of coffee, one amplifier, one microphone stand, the slab* I'm sitting on, and the worst chart I've ever written.
Eb 3 3 3 4 D 3 3 3 4 etc.
Luckily, I'm the only one who has to read it. I did a nice, legible one in Sibelius for other bass players. But for my purposes, I figured all I needed to write down to remember this song was the root note of the chord, and how many beats are in the bar. That says a lot about Kelsey's tunes: the piano and the melody do enough of the work already, the bass player need only play the tonic at the start of each bar, but you really have to know how long that bar's gonna be.

* The slab has hot water pipes running through it. For when it's so cold outside only Ancient Rome's finest heating technology will do.

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