Sunday, June 13, 2010

You can't call it "ball sweat" anymore: Latte, home

Trust me. That title is relevant.
Late last night, something happened. It wasn't terribly exciting, but I figured it was worth typing out, just in case I didn't have anything to write about today. I figured that the day after the proclamation of the return of my blog was the very worst time have nothing to write about.
  • I spilled a cup of peppermint tea. I'm not sure how. It went into a pile of unlabelled-yet-clearly-written-to CDRs (the ones that pile up on your desk until you get around to checking if they're important), slightly under my laptop, and under my mouse.
  • I moved my laptop away from the spreading puddle, then ran to the kitchen and grabbed two squares of paper towel.
  • I ran back to the study, started mopping up, and realised that paper towel is not as absorbent as I'd hoped. This is not that ad where the girl gets out of the shower, can't find a towel, and gets the job down with one square of paper towel from the kitchen instead, wringing it out as she goes. This is certainly not that.
  • I ran back to the kitchen and grabbed a tea towel instead.
  • I mopped up the spill, dried my laptop and the wetter of the CDRs, and dried the bottom of my mouse, cleaning it in the process.
  • I now have a tea towel soaked in peppermint tea, with a few splodges of what I would call "mouse dirt", if that didn't sound more like something you'd find up the back of the kitchen cupboard. Keyboard dandruff has a cool name. Is there one for the sweat/grime/dust that gathers anywhere it can under your mouse?
  • Back in the days before optical mice ruled the world, when men were men and mice had balls, you could easily have gotten away with calling it ball sweat.
The lesson? Don't drink tea. You might spill it.

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