Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome Back: Latte, home

Wow, it's been a long time between drinks. The last year has flown by, which explains why the last five months have done the same. But let's stick to the former. A year ago we were recording the Magnolia album. That really doesn't seem that long ago.

I'm probably not in any state to be blogging right now, it being about nine hours since my last coffee (I actually had to stop and consider whether “let's” required an apostrophe in that last sentence) but it's worth mentioning that I drafted a post last night that detailed why I couldn't continue blogging. About how I'm gradually cutting myself off from social networking: I'm far from social in real life, why should I do it online? About how I'm sure I've got better things to do these days than blogging, though my progress on Red Dead Redemption in the last week tells a different story. About how it's worrying that so many people are feeling the need to create an online persona that can get famous for nothing other than saying something clever in under 140 bytes. About how that's great for them, but I'll have to punch myself if I continue to be one of them. About how that's why I quit Twitter. About how my blog fits under the same category, and should probably go too. About how old media are now tweetsourcing (I just checked, and I'm about the 175th person to think they may have invented that term) to fill time between commercial breaks, and at what point should we just cut out the middle man and broadcast full-screen live tweets every night at 6pm? About how what is the point of this whole online thing anyway? Is social networking a bad dream that we're all eventually going to wake up from? Should I wake up now? The blue pill, or the red pill? Am I Ryan or Tyler Durden?

1990s clich├ęs aside, I realised that trying to distill my reasons for quitting blogging into two-and-a-half paragraphs was also breaking my own rules. So I walked away from it. But tonight I read over a few old entries (admittedly, because I wanted to check whether I'd ever used the word "alot"), and realised why blogging is worth doing. The answer is, it's fun. It's pointless creativity, and that's the best kind. When I started this blog, it wasn't because I thought anybody was going to read it. But thanks for stopping by so often. For the record, the winner so far is Proud Mary in Collingwood. By far, more people read about them here than anything else.
Also for the record, the second-highest traffic-puller is when people look for a pie chart on Google Image search, and find my generic pie chart that I originally found on Google Image search.
So, stay tuned. Hopefully I'll be back with more tomorrow.

Above all, I'm glad none of you found this post via my Twitter feed.


  1. I think that's it.. Pointless creative fun.. And putting out 5 cents worth that doesn't have to mean anything. Like blogging your Qantas coffee. That was fun and made me giggle. Onya.

  2. Thank you. I love what you've done with the place. Other than the Blogger editor, that's gotten much worse while I was gone. I press enter at the end of a paragraph, and the cursor moves to the beginning of that paragraph. What?!

  3. Thanks for deciding not to quit! I'm only just learning to enjoy coffee (specifically, espresso), and reading your blog from time to time has been great, albeit nearly useless, fun for ages.