Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strong Latte, 65 Degrees, City

These guys sure are hanging in there with the $3.00-for-a-small thing. As far as I can see, not many other places are. Heading back up the hill, to my neighbourhood, North were hanging in there for longer than anyone else. About two weeks ago, however, they too made the switch to $3.30. The milk bar across the road is still at about $2.50 though I think. Haven't tried them yet.

So 65 Degrees deserve points for hanging in there at $3.00. For what it's worth, that extra 30 cents actually has influenced my coffee decisions in the past.
“I could have a coffee here, or walk another 500 meters and save 30 cents. I walk, uncaffeinated, at about 4km per hour, so it will take 7.5 minutes to walk that distance. That means I'm saving $2.40 per hour. Not only am I getting paid to exercise, but I'm also getting a free cup of coffee every 90 minutes."

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