Thursday, June 17, 2010

Latte, La Porchetta, Carlton North

If yesterday's you're-better-off-walking-for-cheap-coffee formula really pricked up your wallet's ears, you're about to get a whole lot of exercise and save hundreds of dollars over the next ten years. La Porchetta, or the Carlton North branch at least (they are a franchise after all), are hanging in there at a pretty-good-by-2005-standards $2.90. If there's a cheaper caffé latte in this neighbourhood, I haven't had it yet. Though the milk bar is still probably worth a try.

And it was pretty good too. La Porchetta are famous for setting the standard for cheaper-than-anyone-else-and-quite-good pizza decades before Bimbo's opened up a whole new quadrant of the cheapness-to-goodness graph. The coffee is the coffee equivalent of their food really. Depending on what you're into, you might enjoy it, or you might be horrified. I'll say this though: I've had far worse coffees from far hipper places and paid too much for them.

But there's more. X marks the spot.

I'm glad I'm not Indiana Jones. Otherwise, I'd probably start digging under the table right now.

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