Friday, June 25, 2010

Latte, home

Oh crikey.
Apologies to Dr J.Mo (aka the founder of the Crikey Jar - put $1 in the jar every time you say "crikey" - it's a good deterrent, just one of the many ways we can help fight ockerdom, though our new PM is setting the ocker bar pretty high) if you're reading, but I just sat down to catch up on the blog (two days later) and it appears I'm eight posts behind. Crikey.

So I have to write something about this coffee I had at about 9.00am on Friday June 25. I remember it like it was yesterday, which is surprising when you consider that it was actually the day before yesterday, but not so surprising as yesterday was a day where I didn't really do much, and so it's pretty easy to remember the events of the day that immediately preceded it. I flew to Sydney at 11.30am, and then back at 8.30pm. That made the day annoying enough. But it was QANTAS in both directions, and I like their coffee, so that made it easier. The return flight wasn't serving hot beverages unfortunately, but did have a free beer/wine service. That offered some consolation, but also made me wish I hadn't just spent $6.95 on a Carlton Draught at the airport.

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