Saturday, June 19, 2010

Latte, Dench, Fitzroy North

Yeeeeeeah. Never mind what I said about Dench last time. That was a long time ago. This coffee is good. Really good. The barista with a fringe* (you're right, that probably doesn't narrow it down, especially in Fitzroy North.) is doing the right thing. Quality and quantity, somehow.

* Sorry, I just don't like using the word "bangs" interchangeably with "fringe". Every time I hear the word "bangs" I get a certain song stuck in my head...oh shiiiiiit it's stuck in there again. I don't even need to say the word "bangs" anymore. Or even think the word "bangs". Just thinking about thinking about the word is all it takes. I'd better go and listen to something else. Stat.

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