Sunday, June 13, 2010

Espresso, Mum's house

I found the transition to vegetarianism pretty easy. I wasn't a huge meat eater anyway, so there wasn't much to cut out in my diet. People have asked me whether I feel like I have less energy, but honestly I don't know what no-red-meat-for-six-weeks feels like. If it feels anything like no-coffee-for-six-hours, I probably wouldn't notice it.
The one time it still gets tricky, however, is family get-togethers. I've been eating meat at those things all my life. It's hard to say no when other people have cooked for you, and food cooked by your family always seems trustworthy. So I'm glad I got here too late today and missed out on the tuna sashimi Shaun made from the three “massive” tuna he caught off Portland. That would have been pretty hard to resist. There will be plenty of time for that later though, as he still has “96kg” of tuna in his freezer.

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