Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Almost failed: latte, home

You know when there is only a splash of milk left in the carton, and you figure the carton is unrepresentative and you shouldn't judge it until you pour it into the milk jug, and then you pour it in and it still doesn't look like quite enough for one coffee, but you do it anyway because you might as well use it now, and then you realise that the less milk there is the quicker you can heat it, and so you quickly overheat it and are surprised at how hot the jug is and your knuckle smarts with that almost-scalded feeling, and you still pour it into the espresso you just made anyway to justify wasting this much time when you're almost running late, and it doesn't look great but then you drink it anyway because that's preferable to operating heavy machinery under the influence of no caffeine?

Yeah. One of those.

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