Monday, May 3, 2010

Latte, Kent St, Fitzroy

Oh man. It's 2.10pm and this is my first coffee of the day. Remind me not to bother experimenting with this again. It's actually 26 hours since my last coffee, not including that Jägerbomb at Cherry Rock last night. But that doesn't count. Or does it?

While we're on the subject:

Like everyone else in Melbourne, I'd heard a rumour that Slash was going to get up with Rose Tattoo. There was no sign of Slash, but like everyone else at Cherry Rock, I was pretty blown away by Rose Tattoo. From Wikipedia:

“Rilen had apparently taught himself to play bass while in prison...”

 Who exactly is teaching bass in prison?
And furthermore, who exactly is allowed to actually own a bass in prison?
Just think of of how dangerous those strings alone would be.
(here's some evidence - I'm not sure it's Ian Rilen, but still there's some damage being done)

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