Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Record Store Day

Exhibit A:

Record stores. They're keeping it physical, browsable, tangible, and -- above all -- refundable. Do yourself a favor. Go out and buy an album. You might find something you weren't looking for. You'll even get some exercise if you walk there.


  1. First post in four months.


  2. I always buy music I can hold in my hands, whether that's CD or Vinyl, so I agree with your general message. However some bands (I cannot confirm TCE, but definately JJ) offer bonus tracks ONLY when you get the album off iTunes so when people have bought the actual CD (like me, for example) we are actually being penalised for doing so. By the bands. I'm just saying.

    P.s. You are pretty awesome. Keep doing what you do.

  3. Ben: Those four months just flew by!

    Emily: Thank you! You're right about the bonus tracks. It's hardly fair on the people who still buy physical copies. It reminds me of back in the good ol' days, when I couldn't understand why bands released crazy bonus tracks in Japan only. I guess iTunes is the Japan of the 21st century.

  4. Simple. Just get both. It's what I've been doing :P.

  5. Ben, I can't help but feel that you've missed my point. Although yes, I usually do get both (grumble grumble).

  6. To be fair, it's worth mentioning they did eventually give me a refund.
    But not until after that first automated bullshit response.
    You have to be persistent, and you'll only get refunds in certain cases.
    But when you buy a physical CD anywhere, you can get a refund for pretty much any reason.
    "I already have it."
    "I bought the wrong one."
    "It's shithouse."
    That's a pretty big plus.