Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flat White, Lot #6, University of Melbourne

It must be hard to be a full-time student these days.

With the recent influx of places on campus to drink expensive imported beer, eat excellent expensive Japanese food (next door), drink expensive single origin tea, and exploit free WiFi on your expensive MacBook Pro, you need one or two full-time jobs just to keep up. Of course, the coffee isn't expensive. But it's a lot more than back in my day. I started uni ten years ago and the coffee was terrible, but it only cost $2.00. I remember that because in July 2000 the GST was introduced and we all had to start forking out $2.20 for a coffee, and $3.30 to eat at Crossways.

But the important thing is the coffee is much better now. Honestly, I don't understand how the kids could learn anything without it. Lot #6 has benefited from a pretty serious facelift from its previous incarnation as Brooklyn Project. This place is worth finding even if you're not a student (as I did), and even if you're nervous about asking twenty year-olds for directions because you don't understand their haircuts. And yes, as the photo suggests above, one of the coffee machines seems to be facing out from the counter, rather than in. I'm not sure why yet. But those things are heavy. It was probably easier to leave as is.

Nice croissant too. For the record, this was my first since I saw that French guy make them on Poh's Kitchen.





  1. It's fair to say those French croissants looked pretty damn awesome...

  2. mmmmm i love poh's kitchen! i think it is mainly because she is so adorable.
    pfft all this talk about masterchef i dont understand it.. poh's kitchen is what people should be talking about! i'm really thrilled about her success after the show.
    yum croissants.
    but you know what i've been craving lately is good quality bagels american style. not sure where to find them here though.