Sunday, December 6, 2009

Triple Ristretto, Café Grumpy, New York

This is Café Grumpy in Chelsea: stop number one in my See Manhattan While Walking Between Espressi Until I Have to Go to the Airport self-guided tour. I walked here from Chinatown. It felt like my nose was about to fall off from the cold when I walked in the door. En route, I saw a very long queue outside an American Apparel store. It was an open casting call. There was a sign instructing people to walk in and to the right, and leave their resumé on the counter. SWPL. I really wanted to take a photo of the queue and the sign, but I was worried the people might think my impromptu iPhotography was part of the audition and start stripping down to their simple unbranded t-shirts and risk unnecessary hypothermia.

Synesso. Two clover™ machines. For the tea drinkers some sort of instant-hot-water machine; a few rungs up from the Tefal, though many rungs down from the Über Boiler. The espresso comes with the tagline "triple ristretto", though I think the overtly festive colour scheme of the cup and saucer is also worth mentioning.

I also had a cappuccino shortly after, which I assume was also made from a triple ristretto. Does that mean I had six cups of coffee in twenty-four minutes? No, that's not really how it works, but it would explain why my head started spinning as I walked back down 20th. That couldn't have just been the cold weather.


  1. if you're still in NYC, you really should try and make it to Third Rail Coffee - an Intelli account, and Dan Griffin works there. And if you go, tell him I say hello. My name is Jason. They;re at: 240 Sullivan Street (Bleecker/West 3rd)
    New York, NY 10012

  2. Thanks for the tip Jason, unfortunately I flew back to Australia a month ago! The lesson I can take away from this is that I should keep my blog more up-to-date. I'll check out Third Rail next time I'm over there.

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