Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Espresso, Café Santé Veritas, Montreal

There's an old saying.

"Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time."

I agree, but there are a few exceptions. If it's snowing, nowhere is walking distance. That's the problem I ran into in Montreal. I planned on visiting Caffe in Gamba.
I started walking.
It was a good 45 minutes each way, but I had the time.
It got colder.
It snowed a bit.
It got even colder.
It snowed a bit more.
Then it snowed a lot.
That was all in the first ten minutes.
I decided it wasn't worth either the walk or a taxi (I was still recovering from the one-way $20 cab I took in LA solely for coffee only a few weeks ago), so I turned back.

So I wasn't going to make it to Gamba. I went to Veritas instead. The coffee was great. Excellent, actually. The service was a little abrupt. Not rude, or appalling or anything like that, it just didn't make me want to go back there. The place was deserted when I walked in.
"Hi. I was just after an espr..."
"Can you please order at the register?"
I took three steps to the left, to the other side of the pillar, and repeated my order.
Back in my day, she would have taken my order and my money and not really given a fuck where I was standing.
And it's not a French/English thing. No. My experience in Montreal (though not necessarily all of Quebec) was that everybody will start a conversation in French, but will happily continue it in English - if you clearly speak no French - without swearing at you.
I don't speak any French, and expect to be sworn at and/or spat on accordingly, so anything less impolite than that is always welcomed.
But that's not important. The coffee was serious. And photogenic.

The teaspoon is in the photo for scale, so you know the cup is only slightly larger in diameter than the length of the spoony bit of a teaspoon. Or is that a coffeespoon? Either way, it was never going to balance on that saucer.

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  1. Dude, you were actually pretty lucky not to be in a real snowstorm (as we had about a week later). THEN you have a good reason not to walk anywhere. As I recall it, snow that day was so feeble it was gone by the evening! ;)

    On the other hand, good lookin' coffee.