Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cappuccino, Ground Support, New York

"Yeah, it was called Ground...something. Oh, shit! GROUND! I get it now!"

Yes, it's the past-tense of grind. It would be even more apt if this place was at an airport. On the tarmac. You have to wear a hi-viz tabard and get waved out there by a dude with huge ear muffs and those semaphore hi-viz squash racquets.

Back to reality: I found this place by switching on Data Roaming (which I still may regret - haven't had my next phone bill yet...gulp...) and searching Google Maps for "intelligentsia", and then walking toward the nearest dot. About four blocks in the rain without an umbrella took me to Ground Support. Then I realised I had no US dollars yet, and walked another block to some pizza place with an "ATM" sign out the front.

I hate using those backwater, fly-by-night ATMs when overseas. Know what I mean? This one was particularly suspicious-looking, with a sign on the front proudly saying that it will not dispense receipts. For some reason I though it was safe, because there were a bunch of cops in the shop too, ordering slices of pizza at 11.00am. But credit card fraud is dangerous. It's like your wallet caught a venereal disease. You can't just go sticking your credit card in any old cheap, back-alley, fly-by-night...

Okay that metaphor is too disgusting to continue with. Back to Ground Support. Their range of cup sizes confused me.

I ordered a small cappuccino, and made sure that it wasn't going to be made with 400oz of milk. Luckily for me, a "small" is the fourth one from the left.


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