Friday, November 6, 2009

Flat White, Proud Mary, Collingwood

There has been quite a substantial amount of tweet/blog hype about Proud Mary. I managed to get down there on their third day of business. Here's what you need to know, and possibly already do know if you follow the same people I follow on Twitter:
  • It's the new place from Nolan "Liar Liar" Hirte.
  • It's in Collingwood.
  • They have an enormous coffee machine.
More specifically, it's a six-group Synesso. I mean, c'mon. Having a Synesso is impressive enough. But this is a really, really, really big one. One of its three steam wands is pedal-operated too, I hear. You might be thinking, "Yeah, a big coffee machine, that won't impress me," but seriously, it's pretty intimidating when you walk in the door. Even if you don't care what a Synesso is, and don't drink coffee, you'll probably just wonder how heavy it is and how they got it in the building. But if you are into that sort of machine-spotting behaviour, you'll be glad to know they also have a clover™, a pretty serious siphon setup, and many grinders. I went for a flat white while I waited for the breakfast.

Magic. It just made me want to drink more. So I did. See the next post for more details.

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