Friday, November 13, 2009

Espresso, Starbucks, West Hollywood

It begins. I didn't really want to order or drink this, but I needed something to force myself awake to combat the jet lag. That, and the caffeine addiction thing.

The first of many, I'm sure.
Damn addiction.
On the bright side: I've had much worse Starbucks espressi than this one in the past.
But the caffeine had other effects. It almost convinced me to buy a Seeburg Rhythm Prince from the Music Thrift Store. It's a drum machine from the 60s, which involves some sort of rotating drum, the speed of which is controlled by the "tempo" knob. Very proto-steam-techno-punk.
But it was bigger than my suitcase. And the online version is just as entertaining and doesn't require that antiquated AC lead.

note: The date/time I entered for this post is not correct. I probably had it at about 4.00pm, but that would put it before the one I had on the plane on the way here. That west-to-east dateline crossing is the closest thing we have to time travel.


  1. I spent $9 on a cup of oolong tea in Sydney because I really wanted a cuppa. Sometimes you just have to make the hard decisions for your passions.

    And you're in the States, so feel free to write "60's". You know you want to...

  2. Two interesting points... a) The Music Thrift Store sign looks remarkably like the Salvation Army logo. b) There is a shop a few doors up called "handbag hospital".