Friday, October 16, 2009

Syphon, Auction Rooms, North Melbourne

This is my first syphon. Or vac pot, or siphon, depending on who you ask. It's also been called the "bong you can drink".

All the magic happened behind the bar, so I didn't get to see how/why it actually works. But luckily (and this totally contravenes all my Neo-Luddite anti-technology ranting of the last post) there's this magic thing called YouTube through which we can see things that we have not seen in real life. And so here's a Japanese syphon champion demonstrating how it all works:

The four-time winner of Best Coffee Brewing Method in the Mad Scientist Quarterly annual readers' poll, the syphon produces an extremely clean cup (or two cups, really) and uses a whole lot of physics to do it. CoffeeGeek have a pretty comprehensive guide here.

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