Thursday, October 15, 2009

Short Macchiato, Macchinetta, Melbourne Airport

Caffe Nero are talking (maybe even seriously talking) about installing facial recognition systems in their cafes to remember repeat customers. They may not realise that it's much easier to hire staff that have facial recognition capabilities already built-in.
Macchinetta, for example, are keen to let you know that even though they don't recognise you, they probably will in the future.

I order and hand over my loyalty card.
"Ah, you've been here before."
"Yeah, quite a bit: that's my third card."
"Do you work here at the airport?"
"No, I just have to fly a lot."
"But I haven't served you before."
"No I don't think so."


  1. Ryan. Thats my short Macc. :) (Nice Photo):)
    "Secret Ingredient; LOVE"
    Word for word, that is exactly how our conversation kicked off. I'm getting flash back moments.. the smallest detail.
    Sorry.. I'm just a little excited that you've had a taste and a glimpse of my life.. So... Any feedback? Did i make your visit to Macchinetta a pleseant one? Did i settle the coffee craving? What do i need to focus more on? :S
    Again i apologize, Sorry. Instead i hope too see you again, maybe for a strong latte? and if there is time, fit in a nice first hand introduction. There is definitely a face to ProjectNIRVANA. Thanks Ryan, Def made my day

    After 1.30pm weekdays
    Macchinetta is hosted by Karen (MJ)
    Take care. PEACE

  2. It was indeed a pleasant one! As I said in the post, it's nice to know people make an effort to recognise repeat customers. Thanks for the short mac! Macchinetta is always good. One of only two consistently good coffee places at airports in Australia!