Sunday, October 18, 2009

Latte, Tre Bicchieri, Carlton North

This post has nothing to do with Tre Bicchieri.
But honestly, I've been there a lot. Their coffee is great. It almost always is. I'm sort of running out of things to say about them. But luckily, something else takes precedence today.
New Super Mario Bros Wii!

Wow. Four-player simultaneous side-scrolling radness! It's out November 14.


  1. whoa ... sorry to be a whiney noobs with no facts (i havent played the game) this doesnt seem nearly pixelated enough, which intimidates me ... and also from this footage its like theres no mario soul to it aside from the actual character and green hill in the background

    it doesnt have the sense of speed from mario ... even the jumping seem unrelated to me .... but who knows, maybe its even better @.@;

  2. Weeeeell the non-pixelation doesn't bother me that much. Basically, I've always wanted them to make a 3d side-scrolling Mario game, ever since Mario 64 came out. Super Paper Mario was pretty close, but the Paper-ness was a bit of a gimmick, and took away from it being a new game in the tradition of SMB 1 2 and 3 and Super Mario World, etc.
    BUT this looks rad. I think the soul comes from the characters and the running-to-the-right-and-jumping-on-things and of course the MUSIC!
    Also, SMB won't work on my new TV. Grrr.