Monday, October 5, 2009

Latte, Tre Bicchieri, Carlton North

I'm on a bus.

Cars may be a great way to get around, and you can leave whenever you want, but you always have to allow time for traffic and finding somewhere to park.
Trains only stop at stations, which are very far apart, and only run on tracks, which are also far apart, but they move very quickly and there is never any traffic.
Trams are a bit slower, stop more often, and often service routes that don't have a train line running through it.
Walking is really the ultimate if you want to leave whenever you want, travel for free, get some exercise, and park just about anywhere, although it's a lot slower, and you might get rained on.
Cycling is just like walking, but faster, and with more scope for buying gadgets.
Somewhere in the middle of all of these is the bus.
I always forget about the bus.
It goes places trains and trams don't, often has its own lane through which to avoid traffic, can stop often but doesn't have to, and plays Gold 104 really goddam loud.

That whole paragraph might seem kind of mental, but I only just realised today that there are three buses that go straight down Rathdowne and along Lonsdale. Tre Bicchieri to JB Hi-Fi in eleven minutes. Amazing. Try doing that on a tram.

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