Friday, October 30, 2009

Latte, Mart 130, Albert Park

Three tips for finding this place via tram:
  1. It's at stop 130. Hence the name.
  2. The stop is called Middle Park. Though technically it's in Albert Park. Confusing.
  3. If you forget the name and number of the stop, just watch out the window until you see a huge café on the platform. But make sure you look out the right window!
I ended up on Fitzroy St because I only looked out the seaward-facing windows. And then I got rained on.

"Can I get you a coffee first?"
"Yes! Just a latte thanks."
"I haven't been making them for long, it might not be very good..."
"Okay. Do I still have to pay for it?"
A frank warning deserves a frank question, I guess!
Of course, that warning is infinitely preferable to, "I've never made one before, the guy who usually does the coffee couldn't come in today, I'll see what happens." At least I know there's been some training.

Yes. Nothing wrong with that. It wasn't the most micro microfoam I've seen, but otherwise a pleasure to drink. And I almost got in three coffees before midday. That's very rare for me. The corncakes were absolutely spectacular, and it seems like the staff have fun here too. I mean, they were listening to Belle and Sebastian! Surely that's the mark of someone enjoying their job.

Okay, but maybe the guy in that video enjoyed his job slightly more.

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