Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Latte, home

The dishwasher guy is going to be here between midday and 5pm.
Man, I wish I could give people time windows like that. It might make it annoying for everyone else, but it would really relieve the pressure of being late to things.
"Okay, I'll meet you somewhere in the city between one and three o'clock. See you there."
That just wouldn't work. So why do we put up with dishwasher repair guys doing the same? Don't they know in advance how many jobs they have, and roughly how long each one will take, and thus be able to offer maybe a thirty- or forty-minute window? I'd be happy with that. At least I would be able to leave the house.
But I guess occasionally they have a day where all the jobs are in the same suburb, each job takes less than ten minutes, and they can knock off from work seven hours early. That would be nice.

This leads to another question. How do people with jobs get anything done? I find this hard to understand. The post office is only open during business hours. You work during business hours. When exactly do you go to the post office to pick up that package that got delivered to your house three times last week while you were at work? And if you live nowhere near your work, that makes it even harder. But let's get back to the dishwasher: if it breaks down, and you work five days a week, what do you tell your boss?

"Sorry about the late notice, but I just got a call from my real estate agent, and it turns out I'll have to take the rest of the day off."
"The real estate agent?"
"The rest of the day?"
"It's 10.30 in the morning."
"I know. But a man is coming to look at the dishwasher."
"Your dishwasher at home?"
"Why can't they come on the weekend?"
"Because it will be the weekend."
"But why will that take all day?"
"There's a very small window in which he can come to the house today, and it is between midday and 5pm."
"It's only ten-th..."
"It takes an hour to get home. With traffic and waiting-for-the-next-train time, I'm still cutting it fine if I leave now. If he turns up before I get there, it might be weeks before I get another appointment, for which I'll need at least another six hours off work."
"Dishwasher-related work absences costs Australians $6 billion annually. Each cycle washes more of our economy straight down the drain. It may be a labour-saving device, but just think about what you could be saving."
"Boss, you might want to check your business card."
"Oh shit. We make dishwashers. Damn. Take the rest of the week off. Your job depends on it!"

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  1. I've often wondered why retailers don't open at more convenient hours... like say, 12-8pm instead of 10-5:30, surely there's more people available for shopping activities after 5pm. And does anyone even go shopping before 12?

    oh yeah, and I've suffered the 5 hour dishwasher repair window too.. same goes for phone and/or cable installers. wastemans