Sunday, October 25, 2009

Latte, home

Here's some interesting cross-promotion. It's great to see Burger King combining everything that's wrong with American fast food with everything that's right with Japanese fads, but why is it all in the name of Windows?

Beware. I think what they're saying is if you install Windows 7, your computer will become as sluggish and bloated as you would feel after eating this burger.


  1. Don't bitch about '7' like that :P. It's a great OS... much better than the abortion that is Windows Vista.

    Running 7 on all four computers in this house - none are real powerful (except for mine) and it works perfectly :). I would even go as far to say it's better then XP.

  2. Better than XP.
    Oh lord.
    It's a shame that Vista has put Microsoft's loyal customers into a mindset where they find it SURPRISING that years of development should lead to an OS that's better than the last one.

  3. *snickers* that last line made me kill myself laughing BTW.

  4. I typed some really awesome response to your comments on my phone.

    But apparently it can't click 'submit'. Stupid fucking thing.

    And I can't remember what it was. Something along the lines of "if you haven't tried it [Windows 7], shut the fuck up", and "if you have tried it and hate it, I'm not going to try convince you Mac fanboys because it's like bashing your head against a brick wall".

    Maybe it isn't better than* (yes, I realised I used the wrong one before) XP, but it is pretty, pretty, pretty good (imagine Larry David saying that) for a Micro$oft OS (again, better than the mutilated abortion that was Windows Vista), and for your 'average user', I could see it being more user friendly in some aspects...

    Fuck, I dunno. Gonna go get some more Maccas iced coffee (I think it's the FUIC stuff)... fuck it's awesome.

  5. PS, sorry about all the 'fucks'.

  6. I never intended to badmouth Windows 7. I just thought it was funny that somebody decided a seven-pattie Whopper was a good way to promote it. If we have to liken operating systems to food, I'd rather install a stick of celery than a 13cm-high burger! It makes for a healthier system.

    I just googled FUIC. Can you really get that at McDonald's now? Wow...back in my day you had to drive to Adelaide for one of those.

  7. Lol fair enough.

    Apparently you can? Thats what numerous people have told me on whirlpool + I work there and have also seen that it is the FUIC stuff as well....

    Pretty awesome... :P.

    Doesn't FUIC outsell Coca Cola in South Australia? Pretty big accomplishment... :P.

    BTW, booked the launch party for Genie album yet? heheheheh