Sunday, October 4, 2009

Filter, Red Hill Market

Warning: not Ryan. As the last post said Ryan is in Darwin, or possibly Alice Springs; he has not suddenly appeared on the Mornington Peninsula. Ryan asked me to research the coffee situation at Red Hill Market some time ago, but I haven't got around to posting about it until now.

For as long as I can remember we have drunk filter coffee at Red Hill Market because it is someone's sister's stall, and so far as filter coffee goes it is damn good. My research has shown me that there are two stalls that have espresso machines, but because we drink the filter coffee that someone's sister makes I can't comment on their respective quality.

But I can comment on this. While we were waiting for our filter coffees someone who was clearly not a local came up to the counter and ordered a long black and a latte. I gave him a look that I hoped conveyed "Can you see an espresso machine?" and someone's sister, obviously bored of repeating the same thing, said "We have filter coffee instead, is that OK?" The non-local said yes, but when presented with two filter coffees said, "I ordered a latte". Someone's sister, now more annoyed, said "The milk's there", pointing to the pour-your-own cartons of milk.

Now some people may not be happy with drinking a filter coffee, and that's fine, but surely people can open their eyes and note what sort of machinery a market stall in the middle of nowhere, next to a cricket oval, has.

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