Thursday, October 8, 2009

Espresso, Phat Coffee, Adelaide

I usually steer clear of anything that uses the word "phat" (it smacks of iSnack 2.0 to me), but this place was exactly on the way from the dumplings (and the giant baklava) back to the hotel.
They were about to close, and could only do take-away, so I had the espresso in a take-away cup.
I'd finished drinking it by the time Danny's flat white was ready, and when the guy handed the cup to Danny, I handed my empty cup back to him. The subtitles read:
"Ha! See! I DID finish it before you closed up shop, and without even sitting down! I could have had it in a real cup!"

(but yes, I do realise that not wanting to wash any more cups has more to do with it.)

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