Friday, October 9, 2009

Espresso, Nano, Adelaide

Head down Ebenezer Place, past all the groovy purveyors of such 2009 staple fashion items as flannel shirts, Corey Haim-strength sunglasses, and those tight black low-crotch jeans that make it look like you have webbed legs, and you will find Nano located roughly across the road from the Belgian Beer Cafe. Surprisingly, the Belgian was empty. It was 10.00am, so the only thing that made its emptiness surprising was the number of dudes I saw downing cans in Rundle Mall on the way here. I'm not sure why. They were hunting in packs. One group (fresh out of high school I assume) were wearing matching t-shirts, listing their nicknames.
  • Stevo
  • Davo
  • Micko
  • Dildo
Dildo? There has to be a good story behind that one. What's his real name? Dilbert? Who knows. In stark contrast to the Belgian's emptiness, Nano seemed to be doing a pretty hopping breakfast trade. And the breakfast they were trading made me wish I'd not fallen for the free breakfast at the hotel. It's the kind of free that you're going to have to pay back double: in disappointment, and then in regret later on when you visit a place like Nano and wish you hadn't eaten. But I sure had room for coffee.

I realise I have shown the photo twice now. But just look at it. And I did have two while I was there anyway. At the counter. Kudos.

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  1. Belgian Beer Cafe have awesome hot chips. I have never seen Nano though...must check it out.