Friday, October 30, 2009

Espresso, MSAC, Albert Park

MSAC stands for Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.
It's in Melbourne. It's the only one in Melbourne. I think the M is extraneous. They should have just called it the SAC.
But I guess if any city can get away with too many letters in the acronym names of large buildings, it's Melbourne. We do, after all, have the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria), a building whose name defies explanation. Is it really national? If so, why do we need to specify that it's in Victoria? How can it be the gallery of the whole country and just of one state at the same time?
All that aside, the MSAC café had an interesting notice that I should have taken a photo of. I can't remember it word for word, so a rough paraphrase will have to do:
"All our coffees are made with skinny milk. Please specify if you would prefer full-cream or soy."
That's a new one.

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