Sunday, October 11, 2009

Espresso, Macchinetta, Melbourne Airport

This coffee was great, but a bad idea really on my behalf. After only 2.5 hours' sleep I got the 6.10am flight back to Melbourne, and could really have done with more sleep when I got home, but unfortunately needed at least one espresso in my system before I could drive home. And it kept me awake all day. Damn.

But something cool happened on the way to the carpark. We spotted another car trying to go back around the boom gate. It turns out their credit card was stuck in the machine, and the guy in the office recommended they drive out (yes, there is just enough room to drive around the slightly shorter boom gate when it is still down). They were having trouble working the angles, so Danny offered an alternative. He walked over in front of the gate to where the sensor is buried in the road, and dropped his cymbal bag on it. The machine thought a new car had driven in, and spat out the credit card. Amazing.
So if your card gets stuck, be on the lookout for a passing drummer.
I wouldn't recommend the cymbal technique for fare evasion though: there's about four security cameras pointing at the entrance.

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