Monday, October 26, 2009

Espresso, home

Mum just used all of the following words in one phone conversation:
  • wan
  • cordial (as an adjective)
  • swanning
We also discussed the lyrics to Bryan Adams's Summer of 69. Complete the blanks in the following lyrics:

Me and some guys from school
Had a band and we tried real hard
____ quit, ____ got married.
Should've known we'd never get far.

The first blank is pretty universally Jimmy.
But the second one is a bit harder to pin down.
Get on Google. You'll find Jody, Joey, Johnny, Julie...who really knows who got married?
After a few dozen listens, I can hear either Joey or Jody - that slight "d" sound could just be a bit of Bryan Adams's spittle hitting the microphone.
But would he have said "some guys from school" if it was "Jody"? Is that a common male name in whatever bit of Canada Bryan Adams is from?

Oh, that brings us to the fourth Jane-Austen-spec word from that phone conversation. Julie can also be misheard as...

Jimmy quit, duly got married.

Duly. Adverb. "As might be expected or predicted".

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