Thursday, October 22, 2009

Espresso, home

I'm up frightfully early today. It's not often I have a gig this early. This one is pretty out of the ordinary though: miming double bass on a TV show. Not only are we miming to an early version of the track which will eventually be re-recorded, but the track doesn't seem to have double bass in it. So of course this didn't surprise me at all:
"I just noticed that the bass doesn't come in until the second verse. But do you want me to play in the first verse anyway?"
Well, that's TV I guess. If they wanted someone on double bass even if there wasn't one playing, then obviously they wouldn't mind if I was seen playing in a section where the bass isn't doing anything. Though the track did have some tubular bells. I wished somebody had mimed those. That would have been totally tubular.

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