Monday, October 19, 2009

Espresso, Brunetti, Carlton

I just noticed today that brunetti challenge is the most popular search term for users finding this blog via Google. Wow! I'm surprised that, based on that, more people aren't sending their times in! However, I'm not surprised at all that less people want to get a stopwatch involved with what should be a pleasurable experience. But still, I figured I was well overdue for another trial. Today's time was 4 minutes 10 seconds. The woman in front of me with the two kids was ordering a hell of a lot of stuff, which slowed me down, though it was amusing to see the look on the face of the daughter who had just realised she was slightly too tall to stand under the lip of the counter.
"Oh no. I used to be able to stand here. For a while I could stand up straight and my head would quite comfortably reach the counter. But now I have to duck slightly. What's happening?"
But luckily for me, the second till opened for business and I scooted across and ordered. I was order number 1. That's very rare. That must happen, oh, once per till per day I guess.

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