Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does Anybody Really Know What the Timing Is: Aeropress, home

Well, I just remembered that I was supposed to write about extreme haircuts in this post, rather than the one earlier today. That one was supposed to be about timing. I'll just write about it here; assume the title of this post is more along the lines of Does Anybody Really Know What the Timing Is: Latte, home.

Well, Wayne Coyne from Flaming Lips is programming Rage this morning. He promises to play music we've never heard before. That has a nice ring to it, but it's a weird thing to say when you follow it up with The Church and Split Enz. Especially when you're broadcasting to an Australian audience. But anyway, later on he played Rainbow Connection. LLL insisted that I not make any obtrusive coffee grinding/tamping/espressing noises until the song finished. I stared down at the empty cup, and the button that pumps water through the coffee into the empty cup, and the portafilter that was sitting on the bench ready to go, and at the thermostat light that had just gone out, and cursed Kermit the Frog for delaying this coffee and possibly wrecking the whole temperature scenario I had just planned. After all, some guy on the internet said I should wait EXACTLY thirty seconds after the light goes out! Damn you, Kermit!

Well, the song finished, I pulled the shot, and it was pre-tty good. Like how Larry David says it. Take that, internet!


  1. Speaking of Larry David...

    Ryan, good sir, you (and mostly my friend) inspired me to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. I started about three weeks ago. I'm now up to Season 6 :P. I LOVE IT!

    thanks :D.

  2. Yeah, that tamping sure is noisy :)

  3. Great blog, funny.
    I'm starting a blog about coffee. I love coffee. Probably the longest, relatively healthy relationship I've ever had, (including family)
    I'm adding this site to my blogroll. Feel free to add mine. Its Thanks man!

  4. Andrew: heheh... if you get your ear close enough it is!

    Joe: That reminds me...I should really put up a post about my link exchange policy...