Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aeropress, home

I'm really getting into riding my bike again. Not necessarily for transport. I don't need to be on my way somewhere. It's more of an "I've got nothing to do for the next two hours, I might go see what Coburg Lake looks like" situation. It's outdoors, it's strenuous, it makes me want to buy and eat vegetables (possibly from a farmers' market) and I just may get slightly fitter by doing it. But shared path etiquette is really getting to me. The amount of passive aggressive fucksticks who hurl abuse at me as I pass is quite alarming. It is a shared footpath, and I like to think that not crashing into somebody or their dog is a given, rather than a courtesy. Here's the main two situations where I get in trouble:
  • If I pass without ringing my bell, I get yelled at for not ringing my bell. This usually takes the form of the person talking about me overly loudly to their friend, dog, toddler, or inanimate object if they don't have any of the above.
  • If they see me coming and get themselves and/or their kids and/or their dog(s) out of the way and I don't thank them, a sarcastic, "You're welcome!" usually follows.
Either of these, and more, can be easily retorted with a derisive ring of the bell.
"There's another one, not ringing their bloody bell!"
"Bring bring."
Ah, the bell-ring. So ambiguous. So final. There's no comeback for it.

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