Friday, October 30, 2009

1500th post!

1500. The big one-five-oh-oh. That's a whole lot of coffee. It's also a whole lot of writing either about, or not about, said coffee. I started this blog for a weird reason (a strong latte being served in a larger vessel than a regular latte, from what I remember), but what I really liked after I started was that it forced me to write every day. Writing, when there's no pressure to do so, is something I find it hard to make time for. So the write-something-for-every-coffee strategy was a pretty simple way to force myself to put pen to paper. "Finger to key" just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? Anyway. Some issues came up with this recently:
  1. Pissing off café owners. I figured it was only a matter of time. I dealt with this problem about fifty posts ago, by deciding not to give bad reviews. To avoid looking like I was only giving good reviews, I stopped writing them too.
  2. I changed the outcome by measuring it. Looking at the tags could be a good way of analysing my coffee consumption habits, if it weren't for the times where I think, "Nah, I can't go there again, I've blogged them ten times already."
  3. Catching up. It's not fun. The time it takes to write about a cup of coffee is usually much longer than it takes to make and/or drink one. The drinking and writing seldom happen at the same time. The writing tends to want to take up spare time that I just don't have every day. This means I have to sit down every few days and catch up on maybe nine or ten coffees, which involves answering the question, "Oh crap, what did I do on Tuesday morning again?"
  4. Ideas. And running out of them.
So this all points towards posting less often. And yes, that kind of goes against the "I blog about every coffee I drink" idea, which is what this blog is all about. But I'm going to go for quality over quantity for a while. I'd much rather write one or two good posts in a week than three okay-ish ones and a dozen YouTube embeds. But this is all extraordinarily bad timing: I've got a better camera now.

Oh. Actually, it looks about the same at that size doesn't it? Make sure you click on it to see how in-focus it is.

Anyway, consider me on part-time posting duty. It should get interesting in about two weeks. I'll be in Vancouver. I'll freeze my tits off, but some of the coffee was spectacular, from what I remember from last time I was there.

(I'm also going to Whistler, which is where I've had the most blogworthy stupidly-served coffee ever. That should be, er, interesting to blog about too.)


  1. Will we ever see the return of 'Sodomy County' in Whistler o_O?

  2. Whilst in Vancouver, be sure to drop into Bump & Grind on Commercial Drive. Elysian Room also deserves a visit.

    More Vancouver: