Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tea Strainer Brewing (fail), home

I harped on about a month ago about how I had a brilliant new idea for alternative brewing.
Remember when I tried the coffee-in-a-tea-bag, and how well that turned out?
Well, I was convinced it would work better if the grounds had more room to swim around. My next big idea was to try one of those big tea strainers that takes up the whole cup. You put it in the cup, put in your leaves, add water, than take it out after steeping. Essentially, it's like brewing a pot of loose-leaf tea, in a cup, and removing all the leaves at the end. I thought it could do a similar, if not better, job as the coffee-in-a-tea-bag idea. The main advantage is that you don't have to use a tea bag and throw it out at the end.

I went for the Bodum one. It has a lid. I have no idea why it needs a lid, but it looked like the business. The strainer material also seemed to be a lot finer than any of the metal mesh ones they had, and I wanted to make sure all the bits got strained out okay.
Unfortunately, I didn't look at the bottom. The strainer I bought may have had superfine mesh on the sides, but there were HUGE holes in the bottom. Not big enough for tea leaves, but my coffee grounds found their way through pretty easily.
In the end, I poured the whole lot into a jug, and poured it back into another mug through -- you guessed it -- a tea bag.
In the end, somehow, it was a nice cup.
I'm not sure if there's a non-destructive way to block off those big holes. So my $15.00 useless-for-coffee (unless you grind to about the caliber of a matchhead) tea strainer may have to be dedicated to tea-straining duties from now on. But that's okay. I'm sure it will come in handy. We need plenty of tea strainers in this house. We'll use them all, no matter how many we have.

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