Friday, September 4, 2009

Strong Flat White, Seven Seeds, Carlton

This caffeine addiction thing is hilarious sometimes. I got up this morning, had some muesli, and realised I was out of coffee beans. My plan was to meet Jan at Batch (which I haven't been to in about ten months according to the blog), but he texted this morning and said he couldn't make it because he had his wisdom teeth out yesterday. Do you want to know what I did? I weighed up my options, and went back to sleep for two hours instead. What the hell, that's what spring break is all about. So I didn't make it to Seven Seeds until lunchtime.

Patrick Donovan's EG interview with the dude from Monster Magnet seemed for the first few paragrphs, with its focus on the band's late 90s output, more like something you would have read in a Monster Magnet interview ten years ago. But it did make me want to check out the video for Powertrip (lyrics: "I'm never gonna work another day in my life" - easily digestable by somebody who this morning went back to sleep because he had run out of coffee) if it did really involve a suit with lightbulbs attached to it, as the article said.
Oh. Er, it turns out that was actually in the video for Space Lord. Oops. Sloppy fact-checking aside, Space Lord is fun for a number of reasons. One: the singer sounds like Frank Zappa in the first verse, so the lyrics come across as being kind of funny, but then you realise they're not. Two: because it's Monster Magnet, you know the acoustic guitar is not going to last. They have to kick in the distortion at some point. But they really make you wait for it. Every time he says "space lord mother mother" you brace for the impact, and it never comes. But when it does, it's to the tune of explosions and Vegas. And how 90s is that video! The good ol' days, where all one needed was a fisheye lens and the simple pleasures of a lightbulb suit.

So Monster Magnet are doing a greatest hits tour. Am I getting old? I remember seeing them on MTV in high school. Negasonic Teenage Warhead was on some compilation I had, and was both misspelt and the silliest use of a flanger in the history of recorded guitar. They also made people use the term "stoner rock" more than any other band (except maybe Kyuss). And I've got time for anyone who actually says things like, "I tried to get the best sequence of the heaviest and most psychedelic songs we have."

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