Sunday, September 27, 2009

Short Macchiato, Tre Bicchieri, Carlton North

I often worry about getting a takeaway short mac or espresso in a paper cup on a day this cold and windy. There was a serious danger of it cooling down too much just between the shop and the car.
But a short drink isn't going to sit around long enough to get too cold. One traffic light, and you're done.
And if your cup holders* are as stupidly-placed as mine, that empty cup will get annoying. But you'll have doubts about throwing it in the back seat. That last drop that you couldn't get to roll out of the cup at the end of your sip will inevitably find its way on to something important and not-easily-scrubbed back there.

* I'm talking about the cup holders in my car. "Cup holders" is NOT my nickname for my hands. Nor are my hands "stupidly-placed".

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