Saturday, September 19, 2009

Real Estate Dictionary: "Flow" (Latte, home)

A house for sale in Caulfield South (or South Caulfield, if you prefer). That photo turned out horribly blurry. I'll help you out:

“...the dining room, living room, kitchen and casual meals area flow towards the back.”

“Flow”? What on Earth does that mean? Is the house on an incline, and if so, are those four rooms made of liquid? Or are they soluble, and likely to dissolve and drain out the back door if it rains hard enough? Imagine the cleanup time: separating each of the dissolved rooms into their respective buckets alone would take a whole day, let alone actually wringing out the water and reconstructing them where they used to be.
If you have any questions regarding what exactly constitutes a “casual meal”, do as the article says and “Contact Gary Peer (0413 837 723)”.

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