Sunday, September 6, 2009

QANTAS, Melbourne to Brisbane

Take-off was pretty boring. Watching Mediawatch was fun, but I needed something else. And then, on the way to the bathrooms (I figured walking to the back of the plane would kill some time), I found it.
The stewardess (is that what they're called?) was just as excited as me.
"Yeah! The strong stuff."

This came back, too. I didn't even need to order a beverage. She just pointed at me and said, "Coffee."

But I would need to fly a lot more often for my reputation to precede me. Imagine that. I have no idea how staff are allocated to flights, and whether they do the same routes every week, but still you would have to have racked up some serious frequent flyer points to be a regular visitor.

"Morning Ryan, just the usual this morning?"
"Thanks Gladys, and how are the kids?"

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