Monday, September 7, 2009

QANTAS, Brisbane to Melbourne

I'm already back on the plane, and I didn't drink any coffee while I was in Brisbane. I just didn't apply myself did I?
I got to the hotel at about 3.00pm on Sunday. I had ample time to get coffee. But I fell asleep.
I had vaguely planned to get up early the next morning and cross the bridge and get coffee and non-airport breakfast. But I slept in instead, and had to go straight to the airport. Based on my previous experience with Brisbane Airport's coffee (I had forgotten about this place at the time, it seems) I decided it was worth holding out until the coffee on board my QANTAS flight, and its comfortably predictable okayness.
But a trip to Brisbane with no coffee is a trip wasted.
The eternal struggle between sleep and coffee goes on.
Today's inflight reading: Keyboard magazine's 1982 interview with Wendy Carlos about her work on the Tron soundtrack.

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