Monday, September 14, 2009

Picked by monkeys: Aeropress, home

As I said on Facebook yesterday, this is the closest I'll get to having a team of flying monkeys like in The Wizard of Oz. Pick, my pretties!
So this coffee really is picked and chewed and spat out by monkeys. In particular, the Rhesus Macaque. These guys:

They were starting to get into trouble on coffee farms in India, eating all the coffee cherries. They spat the beans out, but they were still annoying. So, allegedly, the farmers shot the monkeys. The spat-out beans were still collected, and thrown in with the other beans. So the beans always made it into the mix.

But then somebody had the idea that it might be interesting to see how the monkey-chewed beans actually taste by themselves. They put the guns away, and encouraged the monkeys to do their thing. The results are what is in my cup right now. Here's The Instaurator (if that is indeed your real name) on Canadian TV talking up the monkey coffee:

“Instinctually”? Is that a word?

Oh. It is. Let's move along.

I've always found abusive YouTube comments fascinating. That anyone has enough time on their hands to log on and pay someone's video out is surprising. That millions of people are doing it is even more bewildering. The comment about the above video needs to be immortalised here:
Leaving aside the vendettas and the hypocrisy (a guy who posts abusive comments on YouTube tells someone else to get a life?) he may have a point. But I'm assuming he hasn't tasted it. These beans are the ones handled by monkeys. They taste amazing. I think that proves something. Mind you, I haven't had any beans from the same farm that weren't picked by monkeys. But these are damn good. And some of them have teeth marks.

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