Thursday, September 3, 2009

Leather Edition: Latte, home

As far as I know, Mötorhead's 1984 double vinyl release of No Remorse is the only record ever released with a leather sleeve. Have a look. I assure you though, it's even more impressive in real life. I met one of them last night. It really was made of leather.

Other than that, it was a weird night at Cherry last night. Wednesdays are generally good because there's seldom more than twelve people there. But last night there were lots of people. With extravagant haircuts. There were even girls. Strange, for a Wednesday night at Cherry. There was also a band called Attack of the Mannequins playing. Their Myspace is black, and their bass player's name is TBA. Funny, that guy shows up alot. He must be busy. Anyhow, they were playing, and there were huge portraits of the band on the walls. Covering up the huge framed Neil Young tour poster. Eerie.

It turns it was all something to do with Spring Fashion Week, with the intriguing (yet not as literal as you may hope) title Sue Barnes Shoots Attack of the Mannequins. A quick Google search found the aforelinked Citysearch entry, which categorises the event as photography, confirming my suspicions that what I had just witnessed was not in fact music.

But all was not lost. I saw a leather record cover. I heard Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd for the first time. I was actually leaving, but once the guitar solo kicked in I walked back into the bar. I think my whole life will be split into two parts now: pre-Free Bird and post-Free Bird.

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