Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Latte, Sugardough, East Brunswick

Contrary to what the forecast had me believe earlier this morning, it started raining. Pretty seriously. I pulled over, not necessarily because of the rain, but rather so I wasn't one of those dudes paying more attention to Google Maps than the road.
And then I realised I had parked right outside Sugardough. I figured it was worth trying, and the trying was worth getting rained on for.

Very nice. Not a bank-breaker either, as these groovy postmodern donuts often tend to be.


  1. Would that be Sugardough (not Sugarloaf) on Lygon Street, East Brunswick? Their baked goods are yumbo!

  2. Wow, well spotted!
    It's fixed now.
    I really should take a photo of a sign or a business card in these situations.