Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Latte, Mr Tulk, City

It's the 9 September 2009. 09/09/09. International Beatles Day.

The whole back catalogue has been remastered, and the Beatles Rock Band game has been released. It all happens today. There were also some rumours about The Beatles being available on iTunes too, but they have since been denied.

I think this will be the ultimate test of whether I give a shit about mastering. After listening, I'll either think, "What, it just sounds like The Beatles," or, "Wow, check out that mastering." Wish me luck.


  1. yea, i would be curious to know too eheh ...

    i expected my roomie to buy the beatle's rockband yesterday but ... he bought himself a printer/scanner/fax machine that day instead. ...useless... *grumble grumble*